Barack Obama, D-Ill., was recognized as the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate in 2007 according to National Journal's 27th annual vote ratings. )

Illinois SB 230 (1997)  --  Voted to allow partial birth abortion

Illinois SB 381 (1997) – Voted no to require prisoners to pay court costs for frivolous lawsuits filed against the State

Illinois SB 485 (1999) – Voted yes to give an offer of “good time” for sex offenders sentenced to the county jail.  Obama’s was the only vote in favor of giving “good time.”

Illinois HB 1812 (1999) – Voted no to require school boards to install software to block sexually explicit material on public computers accessible to minors

Illinois HB 4659 (2000) – Voted “present” on bill to establish a zero tolerance drug testing policy for Department of Corrections employees

Illinois HB 709 (2000) – Voted yes to allow state funding of abortion and induced miscarriages

Illinois SB 609 (2001) – Refused to vote to restrict the location of buildings with “adult” uses, i.e., porn stores, strip clubs, within 1,000 feet of any public or private elementary or secondary school, public park, place of worship, preschool, daycare facility, mobile park or residential area

Illinois SB 1661 (2002)  -- Voted no to protecting newborns as a part of the Born Alive Infant Protection Package.  Obama deems it proper to deny all care to a child who is born alive during abortion process.

Illinois SB 1415 (2003) – Voted yes to create public funding for Supreme Court races in Illinois

Illinois SB 880 (2003) – Voted yes to allow the purchase of ten hypodermic needles from a pharmacy without a prescription

Illinois SB 1725 (2003) – Voted yes to restore the Illinois estate tax